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ID 6: Assessing Movement Subsystems

Course Description:

  • ID the five basic movement subsystems coined by Dr. Andry Vleeming and his research team
  • ID the anatomy and discussions, palpations, assessments, gait cycles, and common uses for the Intrinsic Subsystem, Deep Longitudinal Subsystem, Lateral Subsystem, Anterior Oblique Subsystem, and Posterior Oblique Subsystem
  • ID the palpation of important landmarks on structures that prove useful in assessments of the five subsystems
  • Visualize the structures in interactive formats, such as body painting, drawings, visual aids, and transparencies
  • Dissect assessments patient presentation with live case studies, using functional tests and perturbations
  • Dissect corrective strategies/movements to help the subsystems move freely with mobility, stability and strength
  • Simulated Dissection of the Subsystems
  • 3-5 Instructors circulate to answer questions and optimize learning.
  • Course includes: manual, learning tools for take-home help, a support forum, and the entire course recorded for free Vimeo access after the course is complete.

Taking the "Gross" out of Gross Anatomy. Putting the "Fun" back in Function. 

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