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"Had an incredible learning experience in NYC this weekend with the amazing Kathy Dooley. Got to see the whole process from start to finish as Danny Quirk transformed Eric Chessen into a walking and talking cadaver. Kathy brings a whole new meaning to functional anatomy. She deepened my understanding of what the core is and how to stabilize and strengthen it. Thanks Kathy for passing on your passion and your amazing knowledge of anatomy and corrective exercises. You have changed the way I practice and the lives of me and all my patients." 
- Andrew Baer, DC

"I never leave home without [the manual] it! The progressions give me a place to start and know how to advance from there! I know how to regress them, too. 

In the past, I didn't have a system. Now I have it.


This course made me much more confident as a practitioner, and I highly recommend it!"

- Elana Behar, LMT

"When I call this an anatomy course, I may not be doing it justice.  It was way more than that..."


"....What makes ID different is not just the palpation practices performed but also the ability of Dr. Kathy Dooley to add clinical importance and pearls on WHY and WHEN certain structures are important.  Since she is also an anatomist, chiropractor and movement specialist she brings the anatomy alive by making the anatomy more clinically relevant.  You will also receive many different clinical pearls on how certain structures can be involved with certain impairments, movements, gait, etc.  As a physical therapist these were beyond awesome.  I’m a big fan of the fundamentals and having a deeper understanding of the anatomy really helps out with my clinical thought process."


Click here to read the full review from Dr. Kento Kamiyama



"I've attended A LOT of seminars in the last 6 years and so far this has probably been one of my favorite ones. It was interactive, dynamic, colorful, fun and EXTREMELY relevant if you're a trainer, athletic therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, another allied health professional, or avid lifter/gym-goer. If you want to learn anatomy in a way that you've never seen it before (unless of course you've dissected - and even then I'd say this has an abundance of practical application that you might not have gleaned from a cadaver in the lab), check out Immaculate Dissection! NOW! Spread the word! If you aren't able to make it, find another one near you!!" 


Dr. Monica Chadha

     Owner and Director of Clinal Rehabilitation at BODability



"It is fantastic to be exposed to such depth of knowledge and the ability to explain, in detail, to people from all backgrounds and levels. Really loved the delivery of the materials with the live models and the dynamic exercises."


-Kathryn Keogh

"It has changed my palpation techniques already on a client I treated last night, after only the first day of I.D!!" 


"Amazing content." 


-Cedric Seah,

         Certified Master Trainer

"Their knowledge is second to none and they genuinely love their subject."


-Wayne Stafford

" I am exceptionally grateful to participate in this class! Just put things together wonderfully! No words can explain how this approach brought the message home."                                

                                                                               -Vesna Dolic


"This was truly awesome I went to touch up on my anatomy with all the sports injuries we see plus I hadn't taken a dissection class since Chiropractic school... a loooong time ago. Kathy Dooley, Anna Folckomer, Danny Quirk and Immaculate Dissection ROCK! It was even better attending with my daughter Jillian honing her skills as an up and coming Pilates instructor."

                            -Dr. Mark Kemenosh

                              Chiropractor and                                  Active Release Provider                        at Glen Oaks Health and Spine


"I didn't expect to get so much from the correctives part of the course, but as well as learning things I can do personally, I loved the integration of anatomical reasoning into the exercises. "

                                                                      -Jenny Richardson

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Taking the "Gross" out of Gross Anatomy. Putting the "Fun" back in Function. 

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