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Immaculate Dissection II: Lower Extremity

Back on the old stomping grounds again... and this time with a brand new course. Catalyst S.P.O.R.T hosted the premier of our module II course, with the focus on the Lower extremity. We had a manual that was twice the size of our Core Concepts and much more painting! After an indepth discussion full of anatomy and palpation, we 'dissected' movements such as the lunge, the get-up, and squats. And the best part about it is, we met so many new people becase we don't require you to take Immaculate Dissection I: Core Concepts first! If you missed us in New York, you can always catch us when we travel back to London in December... and this time we're bring Lower extremity with us!

Until then.... we're already thinking about the Upper Extremity...

As always, stay tuned :)

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