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  • To take the ID 1-6 and Anatomy Angel courses, do I need any prerequisites? 

    • No. Everyone of any background is welcome to take our educational courses. 

  • Will I do in-person human dissection with ID 1-6 courses? 

    • No, but you must take the respective online course to take our ID Human Dissection courses. If you took our ID 1-6 courses in person, that also counts. For more information on ID Human Dissection courses, click here. 

  • Are ID and Anatomy Angel courses in person? 

    • No. They used to be run in-person before April 2020. Now they are available exclusively in online format. 

  • What if I need hands-on practice? 

    • ​​You are welcome to get together with other ID attendees through our online forums. Or you can attend an ID viewing party. Some select cities also have in-person study groups.

  • What do I get as part of my ID 1-6 tuition? 

    • You can see what is included in each course purchaee by going to the “Course Descriptions” page for that course. 

  • What if I attended ID 1-6 in-person but want to review the course material? 

    • Remember that with your in-person tuition, you can see also given recorded course access through our ID online Facebook forums. See you course follow-up email for access, or contact us to resend it to you. 

  • Where do I find the course materials, like the recorded course videos, PDF course manual, flow charts, assessment checklists, and whiteboard notes? 

    • If available for the respective  course,  they are found on the corresponding ID Facebook forum for that course, under the “files” section. When you purchase an online course, an email is sent to the address that is associated with your PayPal account. This will contain links to waivers and instructions to access the course material. *PLEASE NOTE: the ID course work is not accessed through our website. 

  • Where can I find recorded study groups? 

    • Course-specific study groups are recorded and available under the “files” section. Directions to purchase are also there. They are $20 USD each. 

  • Can I get a discount for purchasing multiple online courses? 

    • Unfortunately, no. As the ID team heavily discounted the courses to make them more affordable for everyone. If you need discount help, keep an eye out on our social media and online forums for discount sales coupons that park at multiple times per year. 

  • Can I get a certificate for participation for the ID coursework? ​

    • Certificates are available upon request for the ID 1-6 and Human Dissection Coursework only. There are no certificates generated for the Collaborative series. Please email us and we will send you a pdf copy. 

  • Can I get CE credits for my professional license? ​

    • We prioritize making our coursework available to a wide variety of professional licenses, in locations all over the world. Because of this, we are not approved sponsors for any specific region or license. If your governing body allows you to gain hours from non-approved sponsors, we are happy to provide you with course outlines, instructor CV's, course summary, etc to help you petition your own board. Many of our attendees have done this with success. 

  • What if I still have more questions?!!!​


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